Involved in an Accident? Learn About Auto Body Repair ShopsInvolved in an Accident? Learn About Auto Body Repair Shops

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Involved in an Accident? Learn About Auto Body Repair Shops

I was recently involved in my first car accident. While there were many things that were new, and at time, confusing to me, the thing that caused me the most confusion was the auto body repair shop. There was so much that I didn't know and had to learn about them. If you were recently involved in an accident and need car body work, then my website is for you. I wanted to answer the questions you may have running through your head. I hope you will learn what factors are important in selecting a repair shop, what your rights are when it comes to insurance companies, and what to expect from start to completion. Hopefully, you find my website informative. Thanks for stopping by!

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How To Increase The Length Of Your Pickup Truck Bed

Some loads are just too big for an average pickup truck to handle safely. You can go rent a bigger truck to handle the larger load, but if you are going to be moving larger and longer items that need extra space on a regular basis, you should consider increasing the length of the bed on your pickup truck. You can use bed extender kits to attach to the inside framework of your pickup truck to increase the bed length. Here is how you would install a pickup bed extender kit designed to fit your pickup truck.

You Will Need:

  • Bed Extender Kit
  • Drill
  • Center Punch
  • Silicon-Based Sealer
  • Measuring Tape

Place Templates

You will have to install mounting brackets to hold the extender in place. Many of the kits will typically come with templates of the mounting brackets that you can use to place against the pickup truck so you can mark where the holes for the brackets will have to be drilled. Measure where the brackets will be mounted on the inside of the pickup truck, and tape the templates over those locations to ensure you drill the right spots for the holes.

Using a center punch to put an indent into the metal of the pickup truck will not only mark the spots you need to drill a hole, but will also help you keep the drill bit in one spot as you start drilling.

Mount Brackets

Drill the holes you have marked, then apply a silicon-based sealer to the hole before you screw in the brackets. The silicon will help to prevent moisture from getting into the metal that could cause rust to form in bed of your truck.

The brackets are normally mounted using screws that come with the kit.

Mount Extender

Slide the extenders into the brackets and make sure everything fits correctly. The extenders should be able to easily slide back and forth in the brackets. You may want to still be able to close your tailgate for smaller loads, and some extenders will allow you to slide the extender into the bed far enough, so you can open and shut the tailgate

Pickup truck bed extenders are a quick way to increase the load capacity of your truck. If you are regularly carrying large loads that are hard to manage, you should check into buying a pickup truck bed extension kit to make carrying these loads easier and safer.