Involved in an Accident? Learn About Auto Body Repair ShopsInvolved in an Accident? Learn About Auto Body Repair Shops

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Involved in an Accident? Learn About Auto Body Repair Shops

I was recently involved in my first car accident. While there were many things that were new, and at time, confusing to me, the thing that caused me the most confusion was the auto body repair shop. There was so much that I didn't know and had to learn about them. If you were recently involved in an accident and need car body work, then my website is for you. I wanted to answer the questions you may have running through your head. I hope you will learn what factors are important in selecting a repair shop, what your rights are when it comes to insurance companies, and what to expect from start to completion. Hopefully, you find my website informative. Thanks for stopping by!

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Auto Windshields: Repair Or Replace?

The windshield of your automobile is a key safety feature of the vehicle. If it's not structurally sound, then your safety or that of any passengers in your car could be compromised. That why it's critically important to understand whether a damaged windshield can be repaired after it has been damaged, or if a full replacement is necessary. Although a repair is cheaper in most cases, you don't want to take any chances with your personal safety just to save a little money. This article examines the issue in more depth.  


A key factor is the size of the crack or chip. Large cracks or chips in the windshield will generally require that a replacement is installed. A traditional rule of thumb is that cracks less than 3 inches long and chips 1 inch in diameter or less can usually be repaired. Due to recent improvements in repair technology, however, an auto glass professional might be able to fix cracks or chips larger than this, so consider their recommendations carefully.  


The age of the damaged area is also a key consideration. If you wait too long to fix a crack or chip, dirt can work its way into it, making a proper repair more difficult. Take your car to an auto glass expert as soon as possible after the damage occurs. If you are unable to get to a glass shop immediately, cover the damaged area with clear tape until you can have the windshield checked out by a technician.  


Driver visibility plays a key role in the question of whether to make a repair or get a new windshield. The problem is that even if a repair can be made, if the crack or chip is in the driver's line of sight, their vision could be affected. This is because the spot might be somewhat discolored or misty after the repair and could potentially reduce the driver's ability to see clearly.  


The number of damaged areas on the windshield is factor as well. If you have multiple cracks or chips, rather than just one, this makes repairs more difficult. In some cases, a replacement might be a better choice than trying to fix several chips or cracks. 

It's not always easy to determine if you need to repair or replace your damaged windshield. For best results, contact an auto glass expert, such as Glass Pro Incorporated, for more information.