Involved in an Accident? Learn About Auto Body Repair ShopsInvolved in an Accident? Learn About Auto Body Repair Shops

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Involved in an Accident? Learn About Auto Body Repair Shops

I was recently involved in my first car accident. While there were many things that were new, and at time, confusing to me, the thing that caused me the most confusion was the auto body repair shop. There was so much that I didn't know and had to learn about them. If you were recently involved in an accident and need car body work, then my website is for you. I wanted to answer the questions you may have running through your head. I hope you will learn what factors are important in selecting a repair shop, what your rights are when it comes to insurance companies, and what to expect from start to completion. Hopefully, you find my website informative. Thanks for stopping by!

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Three Different Types Of Custom Drive Shafts And What They Can Do For You

Custom drive shafts are designed and built to get around specific auto design issues that standard drive shafts cannot accommodate. Custom built cars typically require a lot of custom parts because their designs are out of the ordinary and nothing like your Grandma's passenger car. Additionally, custom drive shafts can help you overcome issues with the drive shaft your vehicle came with and for which auto engineers did not have enough time to resolve before the production of your vehicle's make and model. Here are three different types of custom drive shafts and what they can do for your vehicle.

Racing Drive Shafts

Racing drive shafts are lightweight, but strong and responsive to the many sharp turns your race vehicle makes. Manufacturers of custom drive shafts design and build shafts for all types of racing vehicles, most of which are either aluminum or carbon so your racing vehicle does not have any extra weight or resistance to it. If your car is low to the ground like a drag racer, you need a shorter, custom drive shaft that still allows you to control your front and/or rear wheels without scraping the drive shaft on the ground every time you turn the wheel. 

Multiple Piece Shafts

These custom shafts are comprised of multiple pieces so that the shafts can work their way around the engine or all the way back to your back tires when you drive an especially long vehicle such as a stretch hummer or limo. When consumers custom order their long vehicles to be even longer, then multiple piece drive shafts become a necessity if consumers ever expect their vehicles to turn when and where they need them to. If your long vehicle is also a four-wheel drive, you will need a custom drive shaft that manages all four wheels but can also extend several times the typical length of a standard drive shaft in most passenger vehicles.

Four-Wheel Drive Shafts

Besides handling four-wheel drive capacities in really long vehicles, custom four-wheel drive shafts manage all four wheels in your vehicle when it is extremely high off the ground. Monster trucks are a good example of the need for this type of custom drive shaft. You have an elevated truck cab that is several feet higher in the air, with wheels that are often six feet in diameter and connected to a multiple piece drive shaft that also needs to be a four-wheel drive shaft. To accomplish all of these feats in a single drive shaft, it has to be a custom built, or you will never be able to drive your vehicle down the street or in the arena. Other drive shafts just will not reach nor control your truck in the way that you would need them to.

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